Keeping You Safe During The Pandemic

R & L Shuttle Services began almost fifteen years ago. We saw there was an issue and struggle with parents to get children to school safely, while saving them time. A new idea emerged about starting a shuttle service designed specifically for parents who need assistance with taking their kids to school. Taking a leap of faith and working out all of the possibilities, a new recipe for success emerged.

Our Top Services:

The below are our most requested, offered at R & L Shuttle Services.

Travel to airport and cruise:

R & L Shuttle Services makes sure that the customers who book our services reach the airport on time. Whether you have to pass the toll or go to another state for a cruise, R & L Shuttle Services is the right choice for you.

School transportation:

Many parents opt for a shuttle service for their children. R and L shuttle service, make sure to collect the child at your doorstep and do the same while dropping them off.

VIP services:

A nominal class of society prefers to travel in style and luxury. The VIP services are available for all occasions where customers travel in a shuttle of their choice while enjoying the services rendered.

Z Pass:

Another extensive feature introduced by R & L Shuttle Services is the Z pass: introduction and use. It enables our children to travel while giving parents peace of mind.

What is a Z pass?

Z Pass improves the safety and security of pupil and passenger transportation by allowing you to quickly see where and when riders enter and exit buses. Use this information to locate a rider, improve routes and utilization, claim unreported pupil Medicaid reimbursement, and integrate with employee timecard systems.

Benefits of the Z pass:

  • Record time, date and location of entrance & exit
  • Increase child safety in case of emergency
  • Answer questions instantly and accurately
  • Automate medicaid reimbursement reporting

With these benefits, more people are opting for a Z pass.

R & L Shuttle Services working amid Covid -19:

The Covid-19 pandemic has created its due share of challenges of traveling.

However, we have never ceased to operate abiding by CDC Guidelines during this pandemic. With extended convenience, our drivers transport our customers with ease so that each customer can reach their destination on time. R & L Shuttle Services will begin working  with Z pass soon to operate in a more efficient way for our parents.

R & L Shuttle Services always strives to provide good service without compromising on comfort and safety.




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