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Introducing Z-Pass


Why Z-Pass?

Z Pass benefits both parents and the school. With Z Pass+, parents no longer need to call the school to double-check that their child arrived or got on the bus to come home. In addition to easing the burden these phone calls place on administrative staff, this visibility means less hassle for parents, too. With Zonar (Z Pass), schools and parents know the time, date and location of each entry and exit from the bus for real-time child search, child check and Medicaid reporting.

How does it work?

Students carry a small card that automatically logs their entry/exit when they pass the scanner on the school bus. The information is then instantly and securely available to you. Notifications can also be sent directly to your computer or to your cell phone via text message. Z Pass+ brings you a whole new level of assurance. Knowing when and where your child gets on and off the bus gives you added peace of mind and makes it easier for you to plan your day.


For Parents' Peace of Mind

Safe and secure parent notifications

Using the information gathered from the Edison Award-winning Z PassTM solution, simple notifications of where and when a child gets on or off the school bus are sent directly to their authorized parents or guardians through push notifications or text messages. This new, simple solution gives you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your child has safely boarded their bus or arrived at school.

Time, date and location

Parents can view when and where their child scanned their Z Pass card in an easy-to-use app on their smartphone, or via a secure, password-protected website. Parents can start or plan their day focused on the big picture, knowing that their little app will show them when their child arrived at school.

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